"Elaine has been a tremendous contributor to the success of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. Her intelligent and systematic approach to innovation-driven entrepreneurship has been not only valued by myself and other faculty but also by our very demanding student body at MIT. She has been able to combine her extremely strong technical capability (which gives her instant credibility) with a mind set and ability to get things done that will create a great product and ultimately business."

Bill Aulet, Author, Senior Lecturer and Managing Director, Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

"Elaine helped us define the product, design the system architecture, and identify a product design partner to bring our vision to life. Elaine's deep experience in product development with integrated hardware and software was invaluable in helping us get the job done on an aggressive schedule. She was the glue between geographically distributed groups, making sure we communicated regularly and solved problems holistically. She acts with high integrity and is a trusted advisor to the whole team."

Jonathan Jenkins, Co-Founder and CEO, Order With Me

"When Elaine got involved with Playrific, we had an idea that was looking for a market opportunity and a monetization methodology. Though a customer-centric approach, Elaine helped us figure out the minimum viable product for iOS, and helped us get something created which we were able to test and iterate with kids right away. Many aspects of the MVP she defined and documented for the V1 release are still core to the feature set today years after. Features in the roadmap are still relevant."

Beth Marcus, Founder and CEO, Playrific Inc.

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