How a Technology-Push Process Led to the Reboot of Google Glass

This article originally appeared on Getty Images Google Glass exploded into the tech scene in 2012 with the pomp and circumstance of an Apple product unveiling. It put “wearable technology” into the lexicon of the masses. Accolades poured in from both the technology world and the fashion world. Celebrities, … Read More

Creating strategies that work – the P&G way

When we start working on a new initiative (whether in a startup or corporate setting), the possibilities are often endless.  Too often we don’t spend enough time choosing the right problem to solve.  We proceed to solve it with a beautiful solution – but the problem itself turns out to … Read More

How KinderLab Robotics built the first 1000 KIBO’s

This is the last of a three-post series on how to produce 2000 units of a hardware product – a quantity Ben Einstein of Bolt calls the “uncanny valley“. In my previous two posts, I touched on the topics of sourcing and final assembly.  There are several options for the … Read More

Announcing “Bringing a Hardware Product to Market” (new book)

In early 2014, I wrote a blog post about the hardware product development process. I was working with new hardware startup teams, many from MIT. It became clear that they all faced a two-fold challenge. First, this was their first time around, and they had no frame of reference for … Read More

Final assembly for a 2000-unit hardware production run

This post is a follow-on post to another article I wrote about sourcing components for a 2000 unit build.  These posts are meant for new hardware teams going through the process for the first time. With a bunch of effort and with help from either your own experience base, your … Read More

How to source parts for a 2000-unit hardware production run

This post is for new hardware teams who have gone through the duct tape prototype phase, as well as a few engineering iterations around looks-like, works-like prototypes.  You have a product that is “production intent” and you are ready to get it built for real. At this phase, the product … Read More

Beyond Duct Tape: How to pick a product design partner

This post is designed for new hardware teams who have validated their technology via a duct tape prototype.  Your founding team has great R&D skills.  With a little fishing wire and bubble gum, and a generous amount of duct tape, you have proved the efficacy of your solution.  You are … Read More

How a Big Company can Run Fast Like a Startup

This post first appeared on What does the word “startup” mean to you? Many words can come to mind: new, exciting, experimental, small, lean, agile, fast. To me, “startup” mostly makes me think of “agile” and “fast.” In an early stage startup, everybody is focused on the same thing. … Read More

The human side of managing development

For all my recent writings about project management and associated tools, project management is ultimately about interacting with people.  The best tools and methodologies won’t work if the project leader is not comfortable dealing with the human side of managing development. I recently moderated a round table discussion with a group of entrepreneurs, … Read More

Common project management tools

This post is for product people who are new to project management. In my last post I touched on project management tools.  What are some available frameworks and tools that can help us manage projects? Here are a sampling of common frameworks and associated tools.  Your mileage may vary. As … Read More

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