On deadlines

I just read an awesome post on deadlines from Seth Godin. The key takeaway is that deadlines work and we should set deadlines and stick to them for ourselves. Amen to that! His post illustrates something unflattering about human nature.  Many people procrastinate until, or after, the very last minute. … Read More

An “Oh Crap” moment

Today I had an “Oh Crap” moment.  An alert coworker discovered that a product that was released and on the docket for a much-anticipated marketing launch had developed a fatal flaw.   Said coworker basically saved my behind, because it would have been very, very bad if that product got launched … Read More

Product strategy: finding patterns in chaos

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[tweetmeme source=”chenelaine” only_single=”false” service=”bit.ly”] I had an informational interview with a young friend who was interested in starting a career in product strategy.   The first question that came up was this: what IS product strategy? In thinking back through my various encounters with strategy work, I came up with the … Read More