Foamcore and foam – exploring form

This is the third post in my prototyping and manufacturing series. Once the technology (sort of) works, you are ready to move on to experimenting with form.  You need two resources: An industrial designer who understands human factors and ergonomics A way to make a lot of physical mockups quickly … Read More

Engineering breadboards, a.k.a. duct tape prototypes

This is the second post in my prototyping and manufacturing series. Which comes first, the breadboard or the vaporware? I would argue these should arrive simultaneously. Engineering breadboards are the first step for any high tech hardware product development process.  The idea is to use the fastest possible techniques to … Read More

Prototyping and manufacturing hardware products

As a mentor and coach to MIT startup teams working on integrated hardware and software products, I find that everybody keeps running into the same recurring challenge: prototyping and manufacturing hardware products at different stages of the R&D cycle. From idea to mass produced item, a hardware product goes through … Read More

How to start a business AND stay in college

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This article originally appeared on Forbes. Nate, John, Chris and Tyler in 2013 This is the story of Nate, John, Chris and Tyler, who started a company while attending MIT and decided to start a business AND stay in college at the same time. I first met Nate Robert and … Read More

Migration is all done

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The migration of this blog out of has been complete. Key details: Old hosting location The old location is hosted at After this post I will no longer post here.  We will leave it up for a couple of weeks as we complete the transition. New hosting location The … Read More

Migrating this blog

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Quick note: I am migrating this blog from to a self-hosted domain this weekend.  I will post again when the migration is complete. Thank you for your patience.