A year in review

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect upon the good, the bad and the ugly in this year.

  • We did a really cool segmentation and ethnography project that helped define buyer and user personas. That was great fun.
  • We did a bunch of pricing research on the cheap, but the results were inconclusive.  Probably should have hired professionals to do this (a casualty of working for cash-strapped startups).
  • We built a strong, diversified, talented and productive software team.  This makes me feel like a million bucks.
  • Said team figured out how to develop and self-host a scalable web based application. That felt great.
  • We launched a new iPhone App.  That felt great.
  • We had several intense “Oh Crap” moments. That felt crappy but all’s well that ended well after we fixed what’s broken.
  • We launched a massive new project with a ridiculously aggressive timeline. That felt scary.
  • We are miraculously on schedule 1.5 months into said aggressive timeline. That felt great (even though I still come close to passing out each time I visualize my 390 line Gantt chart in my head.)

At the end of the day, everything that was achieved at work was achieved because we put together a fantastic team of trained assasins who are super good at their jobs, yet flexible enough to adapt themselves to the rapidly changing needs in a startup environment.  I’m very proud of my team and all their achievements.  They rock!

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