Announcing “Bringing a Hardware Product to Market” (new book)

Bringing a Hardware Product to Market

In early 2014, I wrote a blog post about the hardware product development process. I was working with new hardware startup teams, many from MIT. It became clear that they all faced a two-fold challenge. First, this was their first time around, and they had no frame of reference for what to expect.  Second, there was no literature I could point them to that could give them a (modern) lay of the land.  I wrote this post to meet this need.

Once I published this post, my friend Adam Shayevitz, the strategic sourcing expert, encouraged me to clean it up and get it into a distributable format.  So I turned it into an e-book. The intent was to make this resource available as a quick-start-guide for people new to the process.

Then, I had a chat with Giff Constable, CEO of Neo and author of Talking To Humans. (By the way: If you ever need to do detailed interviews for primary market research, this is a must-read).  Giff had just published a physical version of his book.  Yet he continued to distribute it as a free PDF / ePub, because he believed in paying it forward.  I asked him why he went through this big process.  His answer was that some people preferred a paper copy and others preferred a Kindle copy.  This was how he took care of everybody.

So, I started productizing my e-book.  With the help of many good friends (Thank you! You know who you are), “Bringing a Hardware Product to Market: Navigating the Wild Ride from Concept to Mass Production” is now available on Amazon. Check out the landing page for the book at

I will always provide the PDF download for free.  However, if you prefer a “book-book” or a Kindle book – you now have a choice.

Enjoy the ride!


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