“Vision without execution is hallucination”

This time of the year, we get to hear all about everybody’s New Year Resolutions.  I shall lose some weight! I shall exercise! I shall spend more time with family! I shall volunteer! I shall learn the trumpet! These resolutions have fantastic mileage.  Most people can recycle last year’s resolution … Read More

From Personas to Functional Specifications

This is the second post in my Customer Research series. Many people have asked me how persona work leads to product requirements and functional specifications.  Here is my personal take. In any new product development effort, we need to ask the following questions: What is the market segment I am … Read More

10 Signs you aren’t developing a Minimum Viable Product

10. You picked an embedded processor that yielded a firmware footprint headroom of 127% for future expandability. 9. Your firmware person often writes innovative features beyond what’s in the spec to harness some of that excess power in your processor. 8. Your product has a custom adaptor for an interchangeable … Read More

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