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About 10 years ago,  I was unexpected promoted to VP Engineering.  I suddenly became the leader for a lot more people than I was ready for, or was trained to manage.  I accepted the promotion on condition that my company provided me with career coaching. The first thing the career … Read More

“Vision without execution is hallucination”

This time of the year, we get to hear all about everybody’s New Year Resolutions.  I shall lose some weight! I shall exercise! I shall spend more time with family! I shall volunteer! I shall learn the trumpet! These resolutions have fantastic mileage.  Most people can recycle last year’s resolution … Read More

On deadlines

I just read an awesome post on deadlines from Seth Godin. The key takeaway is that deadlines work and we should set deadlines and stick to them for ourselves. Amen to that! His post illustrates something unflattering about human nature.  Many people procrastinate until, or after, the very last minute. … Read More

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