Migration is all done

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The migration of this blog out of wordpress.com has been complete. Key details: Old hosting location The old location is hosted at startupmusings.wordpress.com. After this post I will no longer post here.  We will leave it up for a couple of weeks as we complete the transition. New hosting location The … Read More

Migrating this blog

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Quick note: I am migrating this blog from wordpress.com to a self-hosted domain this weekend.  I will post again when the migration is complete. Thank you for your patience.

Inmaps – Reprise

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In January I tried out the then-brand-new Inmaps infographics tool. While this wasn’t a particularly useful tool, it’s pretty and fun. On a whim I did it again today after 8 months. It’s still fairly useless but it’s fun to see how my network has grown 🙂


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I fixed my previously bricked Lenovo Thinkpad T61! Here’s how I did it with all of my old software. Buy a new SATA drive Install it according to Lenovo’s instructions. Restart, go into the BIOS and change the drive mode to IDE or compatibility mode. Insert a full-up Windows CD … Read More

Bricking (and unbricking) a laptop

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This past Monday I bricked my laptop. Many people have asked me how I did it.  It’s easy.  Plug in your priceless, personal, vintage computer (that you haven’t backed up for months) near the edge of your desk, then knock it down as you walk by. I recorded the diagnostic … Read More

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