Will baby boomers adopt smartphones?

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Analyst reports keep predicting that smart phone market share will explode in the next few years. Pyramid Research forecasts that smartphones will comprise 60% of all new handset sales in the US by 2014.   Pretty soon it would be difficult to buy feature phones, simply because mobile stores won’t stock … Read More


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After years of denial, I finally caved and switched to an iPhone after going through the following devices in the past 5 years: A Palm Treo 650 (2005-2007) A Samsung Blackjack II (2007-2009) A BlackBerry Curve 8900 (2009-2010) Being a cheapskate, I ebayed my iPhone 3G 8GB used.  So where … Read More

Why I hate flying United

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I fly to Asia on a regular basis. New Year’s Eve found me in the airport, getting ready to visit Asia once again. United was my second last choice (my absolute last choice is Northwest, which my Japanese friends lovingly nicknamed “Northworst”).  I usually fly Cathay or Continental but the … Read More

Twitter growth flattens, WordPress picks up… really?

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I read an article from TechCrunch today on blogging versus microblogging which includes this interesting graph: OK, so it’s all doom and gloom for Twitter and WordPress should do a happy dance.   But wait.  This graph is about unique visitors to wordpress.com and twitter.com. I can’t speak for anyone else, … Read More

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