Customer research series

I am doing a bunch of product discovery and product usage research at work.  This is what I love most: getting out of the office and talking to customers.   I decided to start a series on this topic since it is so much fun and so strategic.

For this series, I am using the word “customer” broadly – to include prospects as well as existing customers who have already purchased a product, and to include both buyers and end users.  This is because there is no common definition of the word “customer” and this series addresses all of the above constituencies.  I will clarify where necessary in specific posts.

Here is a tentative menu of posts.  It’s a work in progress.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Why do qualitative research?
  2. From personas to functional specifications
  3. Subject recruitment for qualitative research
  4. Common ethnographic techniques
  5. Using detailed interviews to build personas
  6. Focus groups vs. roundtable discussions
  7. Usability research in the lab
  8. Beta Programs
  9. On-line surveys
  10. Monadic pricing intent tests

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