November 12: all-star event on leveraging social media for startups

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Here is an event lineup for startups and small businesses from Small Business Trends. Of note: an all-star event on leveraging social media in Boston on November 12. Will I see you there? Posted via email from Elaine’s posterous

Should engineers do customer development?

Today I attended Barbara Finer‘s excellent roundtable discussion on customer interactions at Product Camp Boston.  At one point, Barbara asked everybody to rate the importance of direct access to customers for product managers and for engineers. Should product managers and engineers do customer development themselves? Everybody agreed direct access for … Read More

Launching a new blog

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I’ve been maintaining a work blog on product development for some time.  To put it nicely, this blog was not a success – I never could find time to post, or to promote whatever it was that I posted. After months of denial, I finally had to admit that my … Read More

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