Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

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I tend to get pensive as the year draws to a close. This year is particularly eventful on a personal level.

  • I lost someone I loved (a parent).
  • I gained someone new to love (a niece).
  • My children learned many new skills that made me prodigiously proud.
  • Someone I care about had a multiple-of-10  birthday and I was there to celebrate it with her.
  • Someone I care about had to have surgery and I am glad she is ok.
  • Someone I care about got engaged and I am very happy for her.
  • I renewed my connections with several friends I lost touch with over 25 years ago.

As a workaholic, it’s all too easy for me  to get caught up in the minutiae of my work life.  But it’s the life events outside of work that really defines the passage of time. I will always remember this year as the year I buried my dad and met my baby niece for the first time.

My new year’s resolution: don’t take life for granted.  Savor the people in my life. They won’t all be there forever.

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