Migration is all done

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The migration of this blog out of wordpress.com has been complete. Key details:

Old hosting location

The old location is hosted at startupmusings.wordpress.com. After this post I will no longer post here.  We will leave it up for a couple of weeks as we complete the transition.

New hosting location

The new location of the blog is hosted at blog.conceptspring.com.  The blog URL startupmusings.com will redirect to this new location.  We are still tweaking the site – thank you for your patience.


  • Email subscribers: please re-subscribe by entering your email and clicking Submit on the left sidebar of this page, or add this RSS feed to your reader of choice.
  • WordPress.com followers: unfortunately there is no easy migration path as following a WordPress blog is a WordPress.com feature.  If you like, you can subscribe by email via the same steps above.

Thank you for your patience!

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