Mobile/online analyst feeds to add to your RSS Reader

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The other day I was having a conversation with a team who is working on a mobile app. I started spouting smartphone OS market share statistics and trends, and reproduced these (slightly stale) comScore chart on the whiteboard from memory. (By the way, that’s nothing special – any product person in mobile can reproduce 10 such analyst charts on demand.)

The team asked me where I got this data from and how much it cost. Well, it is free (assuming you don’t pay yourself for staying up to date in your own industry.) Simply add the following feeds to your RSS reader of choice (I use Google), and scan the press releases as they come in. All the analysts put out press releases when they have a report coming out. Additionally the mobile industry numbers are crunched and released every quarter. There is no better way to stay on top of the massive flow of data by sipping it a little at a time with your morning coffee. You will know which smartphone OS is on top, which handset manufacturer is winning, what the US market looks like compared to rest of world, etc. Happy reading!

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