DentsAble (previously SensAble Dental) was a division of SensAble Technologies that is focused on applying the company’s patented haptics and 3D voxel modeling technologies to the dental market. DensAble’s Intellifit system is a desktop organic CAD system that provides a sense of touch via an integrated Phantom Haptic Device.


While this system delivers a great user experience, the modeling algorithms require a lot of processing power on the workstation, resulting in an overall system cost that is quite significant. The company was interested in investigating porting this modeling technology to the cloud, and creating a B2B SaaS business where dental labs can use an on-line virtualized CAD interface to create the geometry, then order the restoration in the material desired from a certified DensAble production center.

Our approach

We engaged with the CEO and leadership team, understanding the top level vision as well as the aggressive timelines for this program. We then did a deep dive into user needs and wants by engaging with potential customers as well as dental technicians on staff who are serving as expert users and product specialists. We developed key customer workflows and use cases, and came up with a first pass wireframe and interaction model to illustrate the concept. We also supported the company as they built out a project team and made key decisions on the technical architecture.


Using the product definition content generated through our engagement, DensAble’s team were able to develop two successful iterations of a prototype SaaS platform which supported the entire workflow from order initiation to fabrication of a dental restoration.

  • Company: DensAble
  • Product: Dental CAD with haptic feedback