Playrific, Inc. was a SaaS startup that aggregated content for children. They also offer a safe media viewer for children to experience this content.


Playrific’s founders had a strong vision to provide a safe internet experience for preschool and early elementary age children to experience educational and entertainment content. They created an early prototype that used a PC console to interact with a cloud based backend. While this interface was well received, through customer research it became clear that the real opportunity lied in a mobile interface that parents and children can use on the go, rather than a PC based interface in the home. They needed to move quickly to develop a mobile strategy.

Our approach

We engaged with the CEO to define high level requirements: to provide their curated content on a tablet or a smart phone. We interviewed customers in their install base to develop user personas and flesh out detailed use cases for families on the go. We identified and developed mitigation strategies for unique challenges of the mobile use case, including concerns about excessive data charges for streaming data, necessitating a local storage solution for some of the content. We facilitated cross functional discussions from which we developed requirements for a minimum viable product. We also developed a product roadmap for future features that are force ranked below the MVP. We developed a full set of documentation, including wireframes and flow charts to facilitate effective communication within the team.


Through cross functional teamwork, Playrific was able to rapidly develop a demo to test with kids and parents. This interface took over the PC based console. Currently Playrific’s content is delivered exclusively through iOS and Android applications utilizing the interface first defined in the MVP.


“When Elaine got involved with Playrific, we had an idea that was looking for a market opportunity and a monetization methodology. Though a customer-centric approach, Elaine helped us figure out the minimum viable product for iOS, and helped us get something created which we were able to test and iterate with kids right away. Many aspects of the MVP she defined and documented for the V1 release are still core to the feature set today years after. Features in the roadmap are still relevant.

In addition to product strategy, Elaine also brought an ethos of MVP and continuous usability testing into the company which has become part of the company culture. We now do usability studies with customers on a consistent basis, which has helped us stay very close to the end users, creating a user experience that kids love.”

  • Company: Playrific
  • Product: Mobile apps delivering curated educational and entertainment content for young children