Positioning statements

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There are many templates for positioning statements, and different ones exist for brand, product and services.

Being a product person, I must admit that I really only care about functional positioning statements for products or services.  I am partial to the product version below (courtesy of GrowthConnection):

Product Position Statement

For [target end user]

Who wants/needs [compelling reason to buy]

The [product name] is a [product category]

That provides [key benefit].

Unlike [main competitor],

The [product name] [key differentiation]

Just for laughs I am going to apply it to a fictitious product that I would love to buy: a miniature kitchen composter that doesn’t take up much space, requires no worms, maintains a high core temperature purely from absorbing energy from the lights that are on every night,  and doesn’t smell at all.

For consumers passionate about the environment,

Who practice green, sustainable living in every aspect of their lives,

The magic composter is an indoor composter

That provides a fast, odorless way that sustainably converts all your kitchen waste into compost every day, 365 days a year.

Unlike the Worm Factory(R),

The magic composter has the footprint of a 2.5 gallon trash bin, emits no odor, can keep up with the kitchen waste of a family of 6, costs only $15, and requires no worms to operate.

Now I am sure my magic composter needs lots more work, but that’s the idea.  This format forces you to think about why the product exists and what it does for the target persona. I love it.

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