International Monetary Fund – Innovation Lab Accelerator Bootcamp

The Director of the IMF Innovation Lab Bootcamp and Accelerator Programs had developed a dedicated bootcamp for project teams solving big problems with innovation. The bootcamp empowers team members with entrepreneurial spirit and skills to help them accelerate their progress in developing, testing and deploying innovative solutions to solve business challenges.

Elaine served as the corporate trainer for entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship. Elaine adjusted and taught the Disciplined Entrepreneurship and Disciplined Corporate Entrepreneurship frameworks to eight cross-functional teams over a two-day period. Elaine built knowledge about the needs of the participants, and mentored teams with tailored content and advice to help them advance their projects on a fast-paced schedule.

Ministry of Commerce of the Royal Thai Government – Executive Training

The Director of New Economy Academy within the Ministry of Commerce of the Royal Thai Government was tasked with developing a four-day executive workshop to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Attendees would include 60 top executives from private and public sectors in the CLMVT countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand).

Elaine served as the program co-director. She co-designed the curriculum and developed all content on entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship. She also designed and implemented small group sessions in which the executives solved cross-border commerce problems.

“It was a very successful program and the level of satisfaction from participants was very high.”

– Pornvit Sila-On, Program Director, New Economy Academy, Royal Thai Government


Executive training in entrepreneurship on behalf of MIT

Over several years, MIT offered week-long intensive entrepreneurship bootcamps for 70-100 executive MBA students from Turkey Sabanci University.

Elaine consulted on the curriculum redesign and delivery of the training program, including the team project component. A key goal: to ensure that learning objectives were met – specifically understanding and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and acquiring new entrepreneurial skills.

“Elaine masterfully restructured the team-focused processes of the program’s objectives. These included coaching sessions, facilitating project work and preparing teams for final presentations. After only one week, under Elaine’s capable leadership, the students — most from large organizations — delivered impressive business plan presentations for viable new ventures.”

– Maria Sterk, Program Director, MIT Executive Education