We partner with CEO’s and executive leaders of corporate innovation initiativesto plan, implement and evolve corporate innovation and entrepreneurship strategies and initiatives, at the corporate level as well as the business unit level.

Forty-seven year old company embraces entrepreneurial techniques

A well-established company provides solutions in apparel design and development to major brands such Polo Ralph Lauren and Burberry. The General Manager and VP of the Software Business Unit of sought a new approach for the company’s software product teams to embrace the customer-centric mindset and spirit of experimentation and iteration commonly found in startups.

ConceptSpring was engaged to work side by side with two product teams – responsible for different software product lines – to test drive Lean Startup techniques, such as customer development and testing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with end customers. ConceptSpring worked in collaboration with a company that delivered Lean Startup training.

ConceptSpring consulted with product leaders to adapt standard Lean Startup techniques to their specific organization and customer base. The work included creating prototype and implement techniques, such as contextural interviews and observation for primary market research, as well as landing page tests for digital experimentation and behavioral testing to test for product interest.