We work with clients for 3-6 months in an advisory and consultative role to help them implement short- and medium-term projects that solve business challenges. In the process of implementing these projects, we work closely with the leaders of project teams to help them co-create, develop and pilot new innovation processes. These new processes then become part of how the project teams implement similar projects in the future.

Example Engagement: Internal Customer Research for a Multinational Apparel Company

A multinational apparel and footwear company launched a digital transformation initiative with the goal of deploying best-in-class digital design and workflow management tools across all their business units. ConceptSpring was part of the team that developed and implemented a primary research protocol to interview key stakeholders in a few of their business units. The goal was to build knowledge about their needs, wants and expectations surrounding the use of digital productivity tools in their current workflows.

Actionable insights helped guide the digital transformation initiative. The primary research protocol became a template for the company to gather the voice of the customer in other business units moving forward.

Example Engagement: New Business Exploration in Healthcare IT

A 20+ year old healthcare IT company with a strong install base in an existing market segment was interested in exploring strategic growth opportunities in other market segments. As part of this initiative, ConceptSpring worked closely with their product and engineering leaders to come up with a way to analyze and gather data about potential new segments via primary and secondary market research.

The outcome of this research helped inform the product strategy and roadmap in the next 1-3 year time frame. The customized frameworks and methodologies for market analysis and primary market research will help guide future efforts in new venture creation within this company.

Example Engagement: Retail Innovation Via A Hardware IoT strategy

A retail IT company with a supply chain software backend was interested in entering the lucrative retail intelligence and analytics space. In collaboration with ConceptSpring, the company built a hardware and consumer electronics division, which developed a range of connected devices that transformed the retail experience at the point of sale (POS).

ConceptSpring served as an advisor to the CEO and the new VP of Engineering to help inform product strategy and engineering implementation through multiple product launch cycles. The product and engineering processes developed along the way became a blueprint of how this company planned and implemented engineering work for hardware products in the future.