Introduction to Entrepreneurship: A One-Day Workshop For Corporate Executives

“Introduction to Entrepreneurship” is a one day executive workshop for leaders in corporations, non profit organizations and government organizations interested in understanding founders build startups. It guides innovators and entrepreneurs through the process of understanding their market and customer, coming up with differentiable solutions to solve customer problems, proving that the market has an appetite to adopt these solutions at scale, and working through the process of deriving value and driving adoption of the solutions in the target market segment.

While the entrepreneurial process is important to understand and appreciate, there are additional considerations that corporate entrepreneurs must entertain to be successful in building brand new ventures in the context of an existing organization – whether it is a for-profit corporation, a not-for-profit organization, or a government agency. We will wrap up the one-day workshop with a discussion on the challenges and rewards of new venture creation in the context of an existing organization – and explore how corporate entrepreneurs can become change agents in their own organizations.