We provide executive training in entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship frameworks, tools and techniques via interactive, hands-on workshops and bootcamps. We provide both standard and custom programs to meet the training needs of our clients.

Example workshop and bootcamp offerings

Introduction to Entrepreneurship: A One-Day Workshop For Corporate Executives

“Introduction to Entrepreneurship” is a one day executive workshop for leaders in corporations, non profit organizations and government organizations interested in understanding founders build startups. It guides innovators and entrepreneurs through the process of understanding their market and customer, coming up with differentiable solutions to solve customer problems, proving that the market has an appetite to adopt these solutions at scale, and working through the process of deriving value and driving adoption of the solutions in the target market segment.

While the entrepreneurial process is important to understand and appreciate, there are additional considerations that corporate entrepreneurs must entertain to be successful in building brand new ventures in the context of an existing organization – whether it is a for-profit corporation, a not-for-profit organization, or a government agency. We will wrap up the one-day workshop with a discussion on the challenges and rewards of new venture creation in the context of an existing organization – and explore how corporate entrepreneurs can become change agents in their own organizations.

Building Entrepreneurial Skills: A Three-Day Workshop for Corporate Executives

“Building Entrepreneurial Skills” is a three-day executive workshop for corporate leaders interested in acquiring some of the practical skills and tools that make startup entrepreneurs successful at building new products and testing business models quickly and effectively. The core curriculum is built around the one-day-workshop, “Introduction to entrepreneurship”.  In addition to learning how effective startups are built, and exploring special considerations that help leaders apply this framework in a corporate setting, this workshop will help participants learn specific skills such as how to brainstorm and ideate, how to classify and select ideas for further development, how to build and run a winning team for new product development, how to conduct primary market research, how to earn buy-in and raise funds for a new venture, and how to pitch the idea to key stakeholders.

Skills learned in this workshop will help corporate entrepreneurs build new ventures with the speed and agility of a startup, while enjoying the rich resources and support provided by their organizations.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: A One-Week Deep Dive on Business Challenges

The “Corporate Entrepreneurship Bootcamp” is one-week-long immersive experience, in which participants apply startup skills to think out of the box and solve existing business challenges in their organizations. Participants will be introduced to key frameworks and practical skills covered in the workshops mentioned above. Each group will then work on a business challenge, and come up with a proposal for a new corporate entrepreneurship program to move forward with by the end of the bootcamp.

Participants will acquire skills that will help them become change agents in their organizations. Organization will have fresh approaches to tackle hard problems, and the start of new program initiatives to solve these problems.

Custom, sector-specific programs tailored to the needs of your organization

In addition to general entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship workshops and bootcamps, we also offer custom, sector-specific programs in the following industry sectors:

  • Consumer electronics hardware
  • Robotics and AI
  • Healthcare IT
  • FinTech applications

Contact us to discuss your needs, and to explore whether we can help you develop a custom training program.