Social networks are dominated by people aged 35-49. That’s GOOD!

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I have a friend who keeps laughing at me for hanging out on Twitter.   She tells me it’s passe.  All the kids have abandoned it.  It’s not trendy.  Only older people use it.  And there’s proof: Nielsen says 35-49 year olds dominate everything.

Well, DUH… why does she think I hang out in these places?  I like connecting with fellow Gen Xers.  I get vastly more value out of these networks today, compared to a few years ago, when nobody I knew was on these networks.  I have repressed all memory of life before LinkedIn.  And Twitter has become a fountain of knowledge.  I follow people, businesses and groups, I click links, then I subscribe to the ones I find interesting.  The quality of my Google Reader subscription list has improved 300%.  And I keep tabs on my friends and family, as well as their kids, pets, plants and fancy foodie dinners on Facebook with no effort.  It’s all good.

So the stats are working for me as a consumer.  They are also working for me as a product person making things for people in this and adjacent age brackets. It tells me my buyer and user personas can be reached on these networks, and that I have new tools to reach them and engage with them that were nonexistent 10 or 15 years ago.

This stuff is mainstream now.  So what if the tweens have abandoned Facebook?  I say to everyone in my generation (and beyond): get over the denial, get online and engage!

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