What to do on a snow day

We were snowed in on Wednesday with a very impressive Nor’easter.

I got very little of my pressing to-do’s done, since almost every company I urgently needed to talk to was closed due to inclement weather. So I sat down and Thought Big Thoughts.  Is this project on track on a global level?  Having killed the last 25 mini-milestones, are we more or less confident we are making headway towards the big milestones?  How can we juggle things around to improve efficiency and decrease overall elapsed time?  How do we optimize all this?

I had some good insights, and ended up reprioritizing certain tasks based on the quiet reflection that never would have happened without the snow day.

Running around with my hair on fire all the time is really quite harmful.  I just have to make time to reflect and recalibrate outside the craziness of the daily dose.  I’m making a recurring appointment with myself for this.

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