Why I hate flying United

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I fly to Asia on a regular basis. New Year’s Eve found me in the airport, getting ready to visit Asia once again.

United was my second last choice (my absolute last choice is Northwest, which my Japanese friends lovingly nicknamed “Northworst”).  I usually fly Cathay or Continental but the tickets were so expensive that I decided to give United another try.  Big mistake!

I never was smiled at so much by United folks (usually they are quite burly).  But I also never had such an unsatisfying flying experience before.  One ticketing agent kept confusing whether I wanted a window or an aisle seat.   Another took my passport and itinerary, and then spent the next 5 minutes chatting with a Massport agent.  Since there was not enough room in the overhead compartments, a United employee whisked my bag away from me and stowed it somewhere without stopping to tell me where it was.   The last straw came when a flight attendant opened the bin above me and dropped a computer bag on my head.  (OUCH!)

Maybe this is why their tickets are cheaper than those from other airlines. You get what you pay for.  Next time, Cathay!

*** January 5 update: ***

Today I discovered the United agent at Logan had messed up my return flight – I requested to move to a later connecting flight and she did (after 20-25m). Apparently (a) she forgot to cancel the 1pm, so I was double booked (b) she neglected to tell me there was a $175 fee to move to the 4pm. The United office in Hong Kong said I must call my travel agent and they can do nothing.  I ended up Skyping out to United in the US to switch back to the 1pm return flight and negate the whole thing.

Am I the only one or is this obscenely absurd?

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